How to get to B&B Foresthill?

From the airport to Foresthill

You have different options. The most comfortable choice is a private taxi. We can arrange a pick up at the airport to Forest Hill, the taxi service charge starts at 2.500 Baht for one way trip including fuel. Never book a taxi in the arrival hall of the airport, they will overcharge you.

The cheapest alternative is by train from Makkason or Phayatai, both stations are close together and they are in Bangkok city center. The trains which go to Arun-yapated, the town at the boarder between Thailand and Cambodia, stop at downtown Prachinburi, 5 times a day. The train journey is officially some 3 hours. The one-way train ticket costs between €4 to €8 (£3 – £6) per person. Be prepared for some adventure if you book third class. From Prachinburi train station, it takes 15-20 minutes to Forest Hill, we can arrange transportation from the station to Forest Hill for you.

More comfortable and frequent is by bus, which leaves very regularly from Bangkok Sai Tai or Mochit bus station. It takes also almost 3 hours at €9 (£7) or more for an air-conditioned bus with Thai television on board.  From the bus station, it takes 15-20 minutes to Forest Hill and we can arrange transportation from the station to Forest Hill for you.

Getting around

You can hire a car for getting around. With a driver for whole day, it will cost 2.500 Thai Baht or a bit more. Bikes and motorbikes can be rented. Thailand is not the place to drive a motorbike for the first time, though. For short distances, the old Tuk Tuk is ideal, but don’t forget to bargain on the price before you take off. The same rules apply for motorbike taxis. Use a helmet, because Farangs are an easy target for Thai police; even when most Thais themselves ignore helmets and transport their whole families on their motorbikes. Of course we can find a tailored solution for every Forest Hill visitor.

Safety first
Safety first
At your service
At your service
Tuktuk, one of local transports
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